Business Drops – The Ins and Out

The majority of leaflet distribution happens in a residential area with leaflets being put through each letterbox, however business drops are different, a lot different. Whilst it seems like a simple to do process, take some leaflets and go deliver them to each business in the local area. It seems simple right? Well no. The logistics are entirely different to residential door drops.

Firstly, when planning a route for a residential map you just simply looking at a map and plot where your going to go, you can even use Google Street view to see what types of houses you’ll be delivering to. However when you are distributing to businesses, you can just decide where your going to go as there are different industrial estate, shops, high streets, office blocks and retail parks everywhere. You can just pick and chose where you go, as many of these locations are in completely different areas, therefore you then have to drive to the other area which increase the price of the distribution as well as being incredibly time consuming.

Secondly, business to business distribution can be very complicated. Some businesses might just want to target offices where as others want to target industrial parks. For example a sandwich delivery van business would want to target areas where there are a high level of employees, therefore a couple offices wouldn’t be any good for their leaflets to be delivered to. Other companies may want to target home run businesses like for example a company offering serviced offices at a cheap price, they would want to try and entice home run businesses into renting one of their offices therefore they would need to try and get their leaflets through the right doors, however it is very hard to try and find home runs businesses.

Another hurdle in business to business distribution is how you actually give the leaflets to each business. Office blocks wouldn’t have post boxes so you would have to climb the stairs going from office to office delivering your leaflets. This would be massively time consuming and tiring. as this you would also have to hand each leaflet to a receptionist hoping that they give it to the person in charge and do not throw it away straight away, its a good idea to be prepared to talk about your business and what your offer as its more than likely that you will get asked.

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